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Åkerblom is a team of storytellers and video makers based in Barcelona working on visual narratives in the fields of architecture, design, technology, music industries and arts.

We craft stories. 

Some of our latest projects have been in collaboration with Camper and BCN 3D to explain the process behind the art of designing and crafting the new collections.

Music is in our heart, and we have beat together with some of the best musicals partners we could wish such as Palau de la Música, Monestir de Montserrat, Cor Cererols and Clàudia Caberio, among others.

We have helped Laranja Design to tell the world about the eclectic wherabouts of this company,
showing the work behind the renovation of Me Sitges Terramar Hotel and the collaboration with the renoun chef Nandu Jubany and his new restaurant in Barcelona.

We also worked with ELISAVA School of Design and Engineering to motivate new creators to be part of the different degree programs they offer.

Even more, we have been working for long with Domestic Data Streamers  explaining the stories behind their projects, like we did with the Design Does exhibition.

More recently, we have even traveled to India and Pakistan with NaniMarquina to show everyone the process of creation behind some of the best crafted carpets your feet can step on.
And what is the origin of it all, we have collaborated since the beggining with FAD Fostering Arts and Design, the main association of professionals and businesses connected to design. 

You can find a lot more stories in our vimeo profile:

We are thirsty for new projects so if you are interested please email us at: